Quarantine Depression & How I Dug Myself Out


Quarantine depression is REAL. It’s almost been a year since lockdown & we are all feeling it in some type of way. For a while I was trying to escape how I felt & didn’t want to admit I was depressed. Once I realized how fucking awful I was feeling & how lost I felt from my real self, I realized “Oh yeah girl, you are def depressed.” Depression is a complex disease, but it’s not forever. If you’re feeling down & like you don’t know who you are anymore… this episode will help you learn about depression & how to dig yourself out that dark gloomy pit you feel stuck in.

In this episode I share:

  • Causes of depression & why it’s more complex than just a “chemical imbalance”
  • Letting go of shame or judgement about your mental health
  • Symptoms of depression & how to tell if you’re more than just sad
  • What inspired me to heal myself & get my mind back
  • Ways to heal depression
  • Why meditation is KEY to help you heal & the science behind it
  • Tips & tricks that brought me back to feeling like my true self
  • My FREE guided meditations via Insight Timer

This episode is very important to me & no matter what awful shit you’re going through, I hope it reminds you that you have the power to heal yourself. If you know someone that is struggling right now, share this episode with them. What resonated with you? Take a screenshot of you listening & share it to your stories on Instagram & tag me @workitownitpod or @emilysiero.

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Don’t give up on your happiness & well-being. You fucking matter & as awful as depression is, it’s not your identity. The best way to support the show & help others find it is by leaving a rating & review on Apple Podcasts. Your support means so much!

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