Holistic Healing & Hormone Health with Saran

Holistic healing can be the answer you’re searching for when it comes to being healthy & healing your hormones. Getting healthy isn’t just about taking a pill or doing a fad diet to loose weight, it’s about living a lifestyle that supports your mind, body, & spirit.

In today’s episode, I had the honor of interviewing Saran James-Vaughn, a holistic nutritionist, & reproductive wellness coach. Her approach towards healing is all about getting to the root cause & being curious & open to exploring the ways our bodies can heal when we embrace a holistic approach. With a primary focus on helping to heal women’s hormones & reproductive health, she offers a range of natural therapies like holistic nutrition, herbal remedies & energy medicine to support you every step of the way. You are going to love her wisdom & down-to-earth energy!

In this episode she shares:

  • Her story of moving from Jamaica to Canada
  • The power of holistic health & wellness
  • Root causes of PCOS, PMS & endometriosis
  • Tackling the trauma amongst Black Women & tracing its lineage
  • Why diet culture doesn’t work
  • How to balance our masculine & feminine energy
  • Tips for healing period problems
  • The trick to sticking with a healthy habit
  • Her go-to tea remedies for stress & menstrual pain

Check-out her new course Inner Seasons, which is all about balancing your menstrual cycle & connecting with your body’s innate power & wisdom.

Learn more about her offerings & how you can work with her to help you on your healing journey at Wellness by Saran & follow her on Instagram @wellness_by_saran where she shares amazing content about holistic practices, nutrition, the moon cycles & more!

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