Life Alignment & Finding Joy with Geri Paige

Life alignment is something all of us strive for. When your life is aligned with who you are & what you want, you’ll feel free to be the true you. Unfortunately a lot of us are living out of alignment with who we truly are. And sometimes all it takes is one simple shift to make a difference & make a change.

This week I had the pleasure on interviewing Geri Paige. She’s a life and business coach, that specializes in helping people find their purpose and making their dreams a reality. From her own struggles of feeling trapped at a corporate job to setting herself free & starting her own business, she is truly an inspiration.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, start your own business or you feel stuck & unsure of what direction to take, Geri offers so much valuable guidance to help make your dreams possible.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she pivoted from a successful career in marketing to coaching
  • The red flags that made her realize she was miserable & needed a change
  • Why working with a coach can be so impactful
  • Imposter Syndrome & how to move past it
  • Stepping into your worth
  • Mistakes people/brands make when it comes to launching a business
  • Improving Time Management
  • Morning Routines & finding one that works for you
  • A simple step to help you get unstuck & get clear on your goal(s)

Geri offers so much wisdom & advice in this episode! I had an amazing session with her where she helped dissolve my decision fatigue and help me realize my worth.

If you’d like to learn more about Geri & book a session with her, follow her on Instagram @GeriPaige & check-out her website here. *She offers FREE consultations for people that want to try coaching & see if it’s a good fit, so definitely take advantage of that amazing offer!

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