I’m Almost 30 WTF

I'm almost 30

Being almost 30 can bring up a lot of feelings like, stress, fear, anxiety, & confusion to name a few. It’s big transition, and it’s perfectly normal to be feeling some type of way about it.

After all, you are letting go of an era. Your 20’s are a time for exploration and a lot of us fumble through them unsure of what we’re doing. When 30 starts approaching, there can be a fear about having to “figure life out” & “get your shit together”.

Age is just a number though. I want to empower you to let go of your fears & anxieties about turning 30. I share with you some tips about how to take ownership of where your life is at & where you want it to go.

In this episode I share:

  • Lessons I learned from my 20’s & what I’m leaving behind
  • Advice for dropping the party phase of your 20’s
  • How to strengthen your relationship with yourself
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about your age
  • Where does the “pressure” of turning 30 even come from?
  • Ways to deal with this transition
  • Your Saturn Return – what it means & how to learn more about it
  • An embarrassing Bday story of mine

*If you’re looking to find out when your Saturn Return is, I mentioned these sites you can use to find your birth chart info Cafe Astrology & Astro Charts

*Listen to the old episode I mentioned, “Shit to Leave Behind in Your 20’s” for more hilarious, and embarrassing stories from my 20’s.

I hope you found something relatable in this episode. Most importantly, I hope it dissolved some of your fears about getting older and turning 30. Remember it’s your life, and age is just a number. How you want to spend your days and who you want to spend it with is up to you!

If something resonated with you, let me know on Instagram & tag me @emilysiero or @workitownitpod. And to all my Aquarius babies out there, Happy Birthday & if you’re in the middle of your Saturn Return, let’s chat. I’d love to hear how your tackling it!

Share this episode with a friend, sibling, family member or co-worker who’s about to turn 30 or in their late 20’s that you think would enjoy it. Help the podcast grow by leaving a rating & review on Apple Podcasts, your support means so much. Thank you for listening!

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