Making Your Own Lane in Comedy with Rob Santos

The world of standup comedy is competitive af, but if you can be open to making your own lane you’ll get far. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Santos, a seasoned comedian from CT who embodies the spirit of a DIY artist. Whether you’ve been headlining for years, or you’re still at the open-mic level, this episode is going to inspire you to take control of your career in a new way.

In this episode Rob shares:

  • When comedy found him & how his upbringing inspired him to express his artistic voice
  • How he hasn’t let COVID cramp his creativity
  • His comedy workshop “Each One Teach One” & the inspiration behind it
  • Why ALL levels of comedians can benefit from comedy class
  • The importance of creating your own definition of success
  • His journey with mental health & how it’s impacted his journey
  • How he’s empowered himself as an artist
  • His vision for uplifting the Hartford community & fellow creatives

Follow Rob on Instagram @raggedy_rob & find out about his latest workshops & shows here. If you want to support his newest project with Raggedy Rob Productions check-out their Indie-GoGo Campaign.

If you know someone that’s interested in pursuing stand-up (and hey, maybe that someone is you), I can’t recommend his Each One Teach One workshop enough. When I found myself wanting to take stand-up seriously, his class is what helped me realize that dream.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Share it with a family member, friend, whoever you know that needs a dose of inspiration. Help the podcast grow by leaving a rating & review on Apple Podcasts, your support means so much. Thank you for listening! Catch a new episode of Work It Own It every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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