Using Social Media for Growth & Income with Caitlin Curiosity

When it comes to using social media for growth and income, Caitlin is a creative mastermind. Through years of working in social media & entrepreneurial spaces, she has learned what it takes to build an online presence doing what you love, while supporting yourself. She teaches the power of creating valuable content and how to authentically sell your brand/product online without it being forced or too sales-y & in your face.

Get out a journal & pen, because there’s so much to learn from our conversation.

In this episode Caitlin shares:

  • Tips to grow your following & how to keep them engaged
  • Mistakes brands & businesses make on social media & Instagram
  • Advice for solo-preneurs just starting out
  • Importance of using both strategy & spirituality when it comes to business
  • Why creating community matters
  • How Instagram is changing & how to use it to your advantage
  • Ways to learn more about social media strategy & growth

After taking Caitlin’s course, Intention Income, I learned so much & I can’t say enough positive things about working with her.

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Social media doesn’t have to be confusing, it doesn’t have to be stressful & it doesn’t have to consume all of your time. If you struggle with social media and have a brand or business you’re trying to build, this episode is going to help you get clear on what you offer & how to put it out in the world in an affective way.

I’ve been a social media geek for years, ever since Instagram started, and I have learned from all of my wins, losses and frustrations from the platform. So don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t posted in forever, or you’re unsure about where to begin. There’s so much content out there, and what matters most is that you’re creating from a place of excitement.

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