Creating Space for Creativity

Being an artist takes true practice and creating the space for creativity is what allows it to grow and evolve. I think we all have an inner artist. Some of us might not want to make a career out of it, but no matter what level you want to take your creativity to, it’s important to tap into it daily. For a long time I felt embarrassed about my artistic side, but all that did was keep me from wanting to engage with my craft. And an artist that doesn’t practice their craft is living in some delusional fantasy land. The first step at deciding you’re an artist is giving yourself permission to believe it fully. If you’re an artist or not, this topic is important for everyone, because we all have a part of ourselves that wants to be expressive.

In this episode I share:

  • Reasons why artists hide from their talents
  • The power of giving yourself permission
  • The book The Artist’s Way that’s helped me evolve so much!
  • Practices that nurture your inner artist
  • Why taking care of yourself is important for you & your art

I think artists need to join together and talk about their unique process’ of navigating this world, because it is NOT set up to support the artistic journey. I can’t recommend The Artist’s Way enough by Julia Cameron. You can buy it on Amazon HERE (I am apart of Amazon Associates, so appreciate the humble kickback if you buy it), and it’s a great tool to not only help you get a grip on your career as an artist, but a wonderful resource you can revisit again and again. I hope you found this episode helpful. Share it with a friend, family member, co-worker, whoever you know that’s an artist or creative!

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