Making The Most of Living at Home (Without Going Crazy)

Maybe you just moved back with your parents, or you’ve been a veteran resident for a while, where ever you find yourself at, I see you and I’m here for you. Living at home has become a norm for us millennials, but let’s be real… it’s not ideal. And people always have their opinion about it. Whether they give you sympathy, pity, or judgement, they’re always going to look at your situation through their perspective (don’t forget that). It also doesn’t help comparing yourself to everyone else your age who owns a home, has a partner, and lives the life you want… a life of peace and quiet, without a parent interrupting it. I know you might not be where you thought you’d be in your life right now, but it’s ok. You’ll get there.

Trust why you moved back home in the first place, and know that it’s only temporary. Take it from someone who just “celebrated” her 5 year anniversary of living at home. You will get through it & you can make the most of it, no matter how annoyed or frustrated it makes you sometimes.

In this episode I share:

  • Finding the benefits of living at home
  • Why I moved back home & what it’s taught me
  • Funny moments about living at home life
  • Ways to stay motivated towards moving out
  • How to set a game-plan for this temporary time

I mentioned more about why I moved back home in Episode 2 “Finding Beauty in a Breakup”, listen to that here.

I referenced one of my fave bands ever, Dirty Heads & their song “Know That I”. Listen to it, especially for those lyrics mentioned, “pressure makes diamonds“.

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