Fighting Racism in Suburbia with Kennedy Williams

With the tragic killing of George Floyd, we have witnessed how much racism has shaped America and how crucial it is to continue fighting racism. It exists in a multitude of our country’s systems and institutions, and especially in white suburbia.

Growing up in Glastonbury, CT, a predominately white town, I always wondered why we only had a handful of Black students in school. And after going through a white-washed school system, it wasn’t until leaving high-school and going to college in New York City that I realized how cookie-cutter and privileged my hometown and high-school experience really was.

This week I had the honor of interviewing Kennedy Williams, a Glastonbury High School alum, who is a founder of Black in Glastonbury, a Black Lives Matter group focused on brining inclusivity & change to white suburbia. Kennedy opens up about her experience growing up in a town that’s 87% white and in this episode we discuss:

  • Inspiration for starting Black in Glastonbury
  • Being the only Black student in class
  • Types of racism she experienced from students and teachers
  • History lessons we weren’t taught in school
  • The power of collaboration
  • Creating effective change

If you enjoyed this episode, share with me on Instagram¬†@emilysiero¬†& tag me in a screenshot of you listening. Please share this episode with someone you know and let’s continue to learn how we can do our part to help fight against racism and create equality for all.

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