Finding Beauty in a Break-Up

Break-ups… nobody enjoys them, especially when you’re the one who’s been dumped. As awful as they are, I believe it can be such a rewarding experience if you can find the lessons you can learn from it.

In this episode I share:

  • 10 Things a Break-Up Can Teach You
  • what it was like walking away from a toxic relationship
  • ¬†things that have helped me on my healing journey
  • how to gain the courage to break-up & start over

I hope this episode helps you whether your break-up is recent or not. Change is scary, and it’s not until you make that change that you realize how necessary it was. Use this time to connect back with yourself, and work on your self-worth.

Here’s the break-up playlist I mentioned Aquarius Moon, put it on blast & have a dance party! If you’re inspired to create your own break-up playlist share it with me on Instagram @emilysiero I’d love to hear your break-up stories, so please reach out if you’re going through a rough time.

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