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5 Minute Reset Meditation

Sometimes all you really need is 5 minutes

to breathe and reset.

This guided meditation while help you feel refocused

so you can take on your day with clarity & ease.


We’ve all had one of these days… you wake up tired, have a rushed morning, followed by an overbooked & overstimulating day. You go from computer, to phone, to email, to Instagram, all within an hour. It’s hard to focus on work, because you’re worrying about the week or some other distraction you can’t control. Hello incoming stress!

All of this information & technology overstimulates our brain, which can make it harder to focus, increase anxiety, and negatively impact our sleeping patterns as well.

By taking a break to mediate throughout the day you can help train your mind to stay present, so that those distractions and triggers that once bothered you are no longer a big deal. Our breath is more powerful than we think, and most of us are only using a fraction of our lung capacity. So use this as a reminder to take a deep breath right now as you’re reading this.

Why Is Meditation Good Me?

When you find yourself overwhelmed, cultivating awareness of your breath helps ease your mind and body. Through deep breathing, the body can begin to relax and drop into the parasympathetic nervous system. This is where we want to be, “rest & digest” mode. But common stressors (like I mentioned) send us into fight or flight response, which raises our cortisol levels. When we breathe we’re filling our bodies with fresh oxygenated blood, which helps restore vitality, increases our energy and supplies our bodies with prana or life force energy.

If you’re new to meditation, beginning with just a few minutes is great place to start. Remember the goal of meditation is not to have a quiet mind, but a peaceful one. It might feel uncomfortable or hard to stay committed to it at first, but once you surrender to being still with your breath & thoughts… the magic of mediation will start to unfold.

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