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Social Distancing: 10 Ways to Stay Sane

The world is being forced to take a collective pause, and let go of our normal routine. How do we stay sane & make sure we don’t go crazy during social distancing?

Covid-19 came in like a wrecking ball. It quickly escalated from a flu-like virus to a pandemic that lead to social distancing and global hysteria. You can read about all things morbid and negative somewhere else. I’m choosing to take this time to share with you some helpful tips to keep yourself grounded and centered throughout this uncertainty. There is so much out of control during this epidemic, but there’s one thing we can control, how we respond to it all.

When your foundation is shook and you’re forced to change your routines, it’s an invitation to slow down, change your perspective & see what you DO have in these challenging times.

I am taking this time to to enjoy the pause. Yes, there’s so many people & things I miss right now. And uncertainty terrifies me! I have a love hate relationship with the unknown. I find it exciting, yet at times it triggers my anxiety.

If I only look at the bad, that’s all I will see. And when that happens it turns into a spiraling pity party. It knocks me out of alignment with my purpose. And leads me to feel mopey, tired, unmotivated, & craving all the junk food.

Our thoughts more powerful than we think. They can create or destroy. Having awareness of our thoughts, especially the “unhappy ones” is the first step to setting ourselves free of the shackles in our minds.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to use this time in quarantine. There’s no right or wrong way to spend it, but it’s important that you get honest with yourself and ask,

“Is doing ________________ (insert vice/destructive habit) really going to serve my highest good?

Wherever you’re at in your experience with all of this, always know at any moment you have the power to make a change. All that’s needed is your will.

There are so many tools available to help empower yourself at these stressful times. I compiled a list of things that have been my saving grace throughout this bullshit, and I hope they help you too!

10 Tips to Stay Sane During Quarantine:

1.) Monitor News Consumption:

It’s important to stay informed, but know your limits. Checking the news multiple times a day is going to do nothing but keep you anxious & stuck in flight-or-flight response. Avoid checking it when you wake up & before you go to bed to protect your energy.

2.) Get on That Morning Routine Flow:

How you start your morning has a huge affect on your day. Before you check your phone, read a work email, or scroll past something annoying, get centered with you. Whether it’s yoga, a workout, journaling, meditating etc… find what works best for you & feels good in your body. You don’t have to strictly follow the same routine everyday, but be open to tuning in & see what you need each day.

3.) Move Your Booty:

Shake it. Shake it like your life depends on it! When animals encounter a traumatic experience out in the wild, they seek shelter & profusely shake their bodies to release the energy and bring their nervous system back to neutral. Humans are the same. Dance, twerk, sway your hips, flail your arms like a crazy person, there’s no right or wrong here. Just be free to move and feel how light and joyful you are after.

4.) Meditate:

When you make a promise to sit with yourself quietly everyday, you are doing wonders for your mind + body + spirit. The consistency is key! Whether it’s 5 or 20 minutes of focusing on your breath, or using a meditation app, you will start to notice the affects of meditation the more you stick with it. You have to be willing to sit through it even on the days when you’re stiff or uncomfortable or stressed for time. Our minds need stillness. When we connect to our breath and concentrate the mind, it allows us to be present for whatever comes up during our day. Once you implement a practice, tasks that used to seam unbearable will now seem like an easy thing you can conquer without resistance.

*If you’re new to meditating, check-out my free guided Root-Chakra Meditation. It’s great for times when you feel scattered and like you can’t relax. It will help you feel grounded & connected to your core self.

5.) Gratitude Journaling:

It can be as simple as writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every morning while you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea. Studies have shown this practice can improve your sleep, increase your overall happiness, and improve your personal relationships as well. When I take time to appreciate all the joys of my life, it brings me into my heart space, which leads me to more abundance and positivity daily.

6.) Virtual Connection:

Nothing will be like a hug from your best friend, but don’t underestimate the power of connecting virtually. Everyday send someone a thoughtful text or voice memo. Doing small acts of kindness towards your friends and family, will brighten someone’s day and bring you joy too. Virtual happy hours & hang-outs will help you feel like you’re not alone and break-up your quarantine schedule if it’s getting stale.

7.) Try a New Workout:

I hate to give you tough love right away, but just because the gyms are closed doesn’t mean you can’t move & workout. Get over to Pinterest or YouTube and be open to what workouts are out there. HIIT workouts, yoga flows, hiking and jump-roping on my patio have been my go-to ways to stay active. I like having the variety so I never get bored. Moving your body not only helps you feel better, but it boost your immune system, and helps lower stress & inflammation.

8.) Laugh, It’s Medicine:

Somehow I have always been able to find the light in every situation. My initial reaction to most things is, what’s funny or enjoyable about this? To be honest, I have been feeling guilty of wanting to laugh and make jokes at a time like this, but no is the time people need to be reminded that it’s ok to laugh. So I challenge you to make time to do things that make you feel silly, watch funny movies and stand-up specials on Netflix. Record a silly SnapChat or TikTok video, there’s so many ways to tap into this light energy.

9.) Get Outdoors:

If you are lucky enough to still be able to go outside during quarantine, make it a priority. Going hiking and being around nature has so many health benefits. Vitamin D from the sun helps decreases our chances of getting the flu, & it boosts our immune system and our mood as well. Trees, plants and the earth give off negative ions which help counteract our over-active nervous systems and bring us a sense of calm. There’s a reason why in Japanese culture, it is referred to as shinrin-yoku or ‘Forest Bathing’. Being immersed in nature can decrease anxiety & depression, and help you feel connected to the earth.

10.) Be Kind to Yourself:

What we’re going through is tough. It’s a traumatic experience that has occurred on a global scale, so know that it is ok to have days where you’re anxious, can’t focus and feeling fatigued. Take each day and action at a time with grace and compassion towards yourself. If you slack on your workout routine or eat too much take-out one night, come back to kindness. You can always start again and make a different choice. This extra time can be a blessing, and a chance for you to finally get honest with yourself and make choices that have your best interest in mind.

yellow rose
A free rose I got at Whole Foods. It’s little acts of kindness like this that I love!

There’s still so much to be grateful for, and despite everything that is happening… humanity is going to come back from this as a stronger collective. By implementing self-care tools, you become your own leader. By taking action in your life, you can come back from anything.

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