Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies: Easy + GF/Vegan

Delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies that take less than five minutes. What’s my secret? A good cookie-mix.

I love chocolate chip cookies from scratch, but sometimes I don’t feel like going through all the steps. For those lazy days when I need a chocolatey treat fast, I use Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

I bought this mix on a whim during a shopping trip when all the COVID-19 hysteria started. I couldn’t believe how empty the shelves looked, and how people were running around the store. I felt myself get caught up in the panic. I couldn’t remember what was on my list, I found myself judging what I should & shouldn’t buy, and then I found myself wandering in the baking aisle and thought, “I don’t need to buy a life’s worth of groceries today. I will be ok. Let’s buy something fun to make.” And just like that, I found my eye on the last bag of chocolate chip cookie mix. For some reason buying this seemed 100% more important than buying toilet paper.

This mix makes it so easy, you’ll never want to make cookies from scratch again. The only other ingredients you’ll need are an egg, a stick of butter and water. I adapted the recipe to be vegan, so I subbed the egg with an egg replacer and used coconut oil instead of butter. They held together great and tasted bomb! Before I placed them in the oven, I thought they would be even better with a hint of sea-salt on top. I love the sweet-salty combo! So I put a pinch of salt in my palm & just sprinkled it over each cookie. It’s such a subtle difference, but makes the taste even richer.

chocolate chip cookies

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