How to Survive a Music Festival

Whether you’re about to go to your 1st festival, or you’ve been curious, but hesitant to invest in a ticket… this article is going to help you pack, share some insider tips, and hopefully inspire you to just buy the damn ticket. I believe everyone should attend at least one music festival in their life.

For the longest time I wanted to go to one, but was afraid to make the commitment and spend the money. What if I don’t have fun? I should pay off my student-loans instead. What if all hell breaks loose and I get lost and can’t find my friends? Pretty much all the negative thoughts and fears filled my brain. But then I thought, “Life is fucking short and I don’t want to wake up and be 37, having never gone to a festival.” So when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to EZOO, I was like, “Oh hell yeah. I’m in.”

Finally saying yes to this dream paid off. I had an incredible time! I met so many amazing people, and left feeling energized and inspired. Seeing hundreds of thousands of people come together through music, and dance to the same beat was a surreal experience. The energy from the crowd is contagious. There’s no feeling more powerful than being surrounded by positive energy and feeling the vibrations from the music run through your body. Once you go to your first festival, you’re going to want to start planning your next one.

To make sure you have the best experience possible, follow these helpful tips to keep yourself safe and vibing at your best frequency.

Watch the video at the end to see what my first festival was really like!

15 Tips For Surviving Your 1st Music Festival


Ok ladies, please don’t think you can just bring a clutch and everything will be fine. Find a cute cross-body or backpack (my personal fave) that you can store your essentials in. Having something to carry isn’t always fun, but prepare yourself for success. You can’t expect your organized friend with a bag to have room for your shit.

The same goes for you fellas, you’re gonna be in for a rude awakening if all you bring is your wallet. I saw a lot of guys rock the drawstring backpack or even fanny-packs (which was a pretty hilarious sight).

Bringing this backpack was the best decision ever!


You’re already dropping some serious dough on tickets, don’t waste it on an $8 water bottle. Pack your go-to reusable bottle (I’m a Hydro Flask girl all the way), or if you’re afraid of loosing it, pack a SEALED water bottle… and don’t make the mistake of opening it before you make it past security. There are water stations throughout the venue where you can fill-up during the festival.


Speaking as a fair skinned gal that burns like a lobster, SPF 30 was the first thing I packed. If you’re someone who magically never burns, than disregard this tip. But be realistic, you’re going to be out in the sun all day, there’s usually limited shade, and if you’re going for multiple days… you don’t want your vibes torched by a painful sunburn.


Anything goes as far as make-up at a festival. Now’s your chance to go for it & do something wild you wouldn’t normally do. Experiment with bold colors, glitter or a statement lip. Just don’t obsess over lookin perfect, because you’re gonna sweat A LOT. Between dancing & being outside, that beautiful full-face of makeup you spent an hour doing is going to melt off.


I’m not going to advise you to NOT do drugs, I’m no D.A.R.E officer, or your mom. With that said, be smart about where & whom you’re getting your stuff from. Not trying to sound harsh, but don’t be an idiot… know your limits, know what you’re mixing, and stay safe. I’m personally 420 friendly only, so I have no advice on other substances that festivals are known for. From my time at EZOO, I did notice that people are always down to share puffs & lighters. Trust your gut when you make new friends is my last tip on this topic.



There’s going to be plenty of food vendors there, but the lines are so freakin’ long, and the food is overpriced. I recommend eating a protein-rich meal right before you go and packing easy snacks, like granola bars, almonds, or clementines (your body will love that dose of Vitamin C). Some festivals don’t allow you to bring food so just double-check beforehand.


Pack a travel size deodorant for the show. You’re gonna get sweaty and the last thing you wanna be is smelly, especially if you’re trying to meat somebody cute 😉My GO-TO mini deodorant, Schmidts Natural in Rose Vanilla. This stuff actually works & it smells delish.


Flip-flops, gladiators, or those wedges you swear by… leave them all at home. They don’t belong at a festival. You’re going to be dancing, standing, and walking all day, do your feat a favor and wear a cute pair of chic sneakers, high-tops, ankle boots etc. If you wear sandals, those cute pedicured toes are going to look like hobbit feet in an hour. The grass can get muddy, and you don’t people stepping on your toes.


Even if you and your friends pinky promise not to loose each other, it’s gonna happen. There are mad people everywhere, and someone will want to leave to go get a drink or food, while you stay to watch your favorite DJ. Decide on a universal landmark where everyone will meet at the end of the night, just in case you can’t find each other & your cell phones die or loose service.

Find somewhere recognizable near the exit as your meeting spot. This was ours!


Portable chargers are life savers during a festival. The charging stations are longer than the bathroom line at times. Plan ahead and bring a reliable charger, and make sure that thing is fully charged the night before. Cell service is always slow at festivals, so uploading all your Snaps, Boomerangs, & Tweets are going to take extra long which is going to drain your battery that much faster. I recommend recorded them & saving, then uploading later.


People come to festivals from all over the world and for tons of different reasons, but one thing I found in common was everyone was there to experience freedom and joy. Don’t let your narrow mind and judgements keep you from riding that wave of energy. You’re going to see people dressed in Halloween-like costumes, girls wearing nothing but nipple glitter, and people of all walks of life. Be open to striking up a convo with someone in the bathroom line or dance with someone your vibing with. I met so many genuine down-to-earth people at EZOO & I still stay in touch with them!

I had to pic with him, & couldn’t stop laughing


Kandi… aka those colorful bead bracelets with sayings & words on them, are a right of passage at your 1st festival. You’ll see people with a couple, and then others with literal sleeves of bracelets. Don’t get fomo that you don’t have one yet, and don’t make the newb mistake by just asking someone for one. Kandi is traded with someone you have a special moment with, so don’t force it. When you do trade, you’ll learn the special handshake that goes along with it, PLURR – Peach, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility.

This video is a beautiful example of a Kandi moment


The lines can be long, but they do move quickly. Bring a small pack of tissues in your bag, the stalls are notorious for running out of toilet paper. Secret Tip: walk a few extra feet to the last porter potty and wait in that line, it moves 10x faster then the ones closest to the stages.


You’re surrounded by all this ecstatic energy, why not go for it and do something you wouldn’t normally do (that’s not going to injury yourself obviously). Crowd-surf, ask someone to dance, let your body loose… I jumped in the middle of a dance-circle and it was one of the most liberating feelings ever. You got yourself the ticket, make your experience worth-while.


Honestly, no words can do it justice, but you’re going to experience something truly remarkable when you go to your first festival. I put this video together try & capture it all. Between the energy of everyone around you, the lights, and the beats of the music pulsing throughout, your body is going to vibrate at frequency you’ve never felt before. Remember to put down your phone, take a moment to step back and really see everyone joining together. People go to festivals for so many reasons, but one universal thing I witnessed was people just want to feel free and alive. Be apart of it all. Once the festival ends, you’ll fully understand what I mean by “magic”.

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  1. This was so helpful!! And well-written 😍🙌🏼 I’m even more excited for my first ezoo now! Thanks for the post girl 🤙🏼

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