Where To Eat in Denver: Voodoo Donut

A donut shop that’s open 24/7?! Dreams do come true.

Donuts are one of my all time favorite desserts, and whenever I’m traveling I have to scope out the local donut scene. I heard great things about Voodoo Donut before planning my trip to Colorado, so I knew I had to make a point to go when I was in Denver.

Here’s a fun video I made at my Airbnb, featuring the famous pink Voodoo box….

“Good things come in pink boxes.”

My friend & I stopped by one night around 11PM, and I was shocked at how crowded it was! (I guess I was used to CT where everything is dead past 9PM haha). The line was almost out the door, but it moved really quickly. I was happy it was packed, it gave me time to decide. Everything looked so delicious, and they have tons of crazy unique flavors to choose from.

Apple Fritter Donut

After about 5 solid minutes of staring at the rotating case I decided on an apple fritter vegan donut (I have an egg allergy, it’s the worst). This donut was HEAVENLY! The fresh chunks of apple & cinnamon tasted just like fall. It was perfectly glazed, not too thick or overpowering. The dough was so light it felt like I was eating a cake cloud.

I can’t wait to visit again! Hopefully one day I get to check-out their other locations. They have stores in LA, Austin, Orlando & three locations in Oregon where it originated (two in Portland & one Eugene).

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  1. Oo vegan donuts too?? Denver here I come

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